Our 657 square foot Clifton ADU was featured in the Today’s segment on multi-generational living! The video shows Nick and his parents discussing economic stains in the Bay Area and their decision to build an ADU for Nick in their backyard.




Making the decision to live in a smaller home is a difficult leap for a lot of people. They often worry the house will be too small and feel like too much of a compromise. We love to play the game with people when they walk through an Inspired In-law, “How big to you think this space is?” People always guess bigger than it is! Since we want to help people with their decision we are now doing video walk-throughs of each unit when we finish. This video is a walk-through of the Addison In-law.




Alcatraz is one of our smaller units at 407 sf. The PBS news hour and CNBC came out to interview Jane about her decision and the ADU movement. In California, the new laws that are in place are encouraging the addition of these units and the planning permit can be over the counter if you meet the requirements. Check out what you are allowed to build today!


Improving Lives Through Design


We are not new to what is now the popular trend of adding backyard cottages. We have been passionate about these units for almost a decade. Years ago we put together a video to help you all understand why we do these units and although we look a lot younger, we still think the message is right on!